Speeches of welcome

Knut Brodal


Jean-Paul Kieffer


Milos Lucic
Jose Eduardo Ramos

The Best

Ago del Colle dell'Infinito - Progeny group Male - 1 Exc.

Allure del Euro - Progeny group Female - 1 Exc.

Del Euro - Breeding group - 1 Exc.

De Canipalma Euro - Breeding group - 2 Exc.

Foreman de Teckbox - Best baby

Jay-Jay -v.d. Flachswiese - Best puppy

Cloro del Colle dell'Infinito - Youth Atibox Champion

Quijote d'Esglai - Youth Atibox Champion and Best Young

Ukelele del Colle dll'Infinito - Youth Atibox Champion

Phoka - Youth Atibox Champion

Brahms v. Sapho's Hoeve - Atibox Champion and Best Fawn male

Orgon v. Fausto - Atibox Champion and BOB

Utopia con Tilia - Atibox Champion and Best Female

Nena v. German Dream - Atibox Champion

Olivia v. Bispus - Best Brindle Female

Imortal Grace de Vilas Boas - Best Veteran


And all around the ring of honor